First General Meeting Participants
First General Meeting Participants

Founder's Story

Golam Masum Zico initiated the Idea of press club among some senior & popular Journalists & writers in Japan. He planned with Z M Abu Sina, Probir Bikash Sarker, P. R. Placid & Masudur Rahman. And finally 15th July 2018 they have decided to form the club together as founders of the club. Thus they remained the lifetime members of the club as well.

Our Story

15th July 2018 JBPC started his journey launching facebook of JBPC. Later August 3rd October 2018 through a General Meeting JPBC formed their first Executive Committee.


Founder Chiefs

A 15 members executive committee was formed by General Meeting on 3rd October 2018 lead by following President, Secretary, and Organizing Secretary.



Probir Bikash Sarker

 Founder President

Writer, Researchers, Journalist, Publisher & Prominent Media Personality
Former Editor of Manchitro (Popular Bangla Magazine)


P. R. Placid

Founder Secretary 

Writer, Researchers, Journalist, Publisher & Prominent Media Personality
Editor of Bibakbarta


Golam Masum Zico

Founder Org. Secretary

Writer & Poet, Journalist & Prominent Media Personality.
Editor: Nihon Bangla